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Industrial Door and Hardware Ltd. is one of the foremost suppliers of Metal and Fire doors, frames and hardware, in the greater Toronto area (GTA).

Industrial Door and Hardware was created to fill a need in the metal and fire door industry. When contractors who needed doors and hardware immediately had to wait four to six weeks for delivery, Industrial door found this wait time to be problematic.

At Industrial Door and Hardware, we ensure fast availability of these doors and frames. Our team has been involved in the door industry for over thirty years. With such experience, we can help you fill virtually any metal or fire door and hardware order. We specialize in fast delivery of the products that you need at prices you’re happy with.

Our customers

Industrial Door and Hardware services commercial and industrial developers, contractors, and many other types of clients in the architectural and building industries. These clients build office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, institutions, schools and more.

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